About Us

Your time is valuable.  I know first-hand how much energy it takes to assess opportunities, mobilize a new venture, and maintain focus on achieving your goals in the midst of constant distractions. LFH ESQ is here to help with that, be it handling legal and regulatory issues, identifying and evaluating new opportunities, or activating an extended professional network in furtherance of your strategic goals. Our clientele includes startups, consultants, artists, small businesses and small business owners, private investors (including impact investors & angel investors), co-founders, regulated financial professionals, medical professionals, nonprofits, & socially responsible enterprises.

Examples of How We Help

  • We advise and represent investors as they evaluate and participate in investment opportunities.
  • We assist our client base from deciding the most appropriate business structure to complete business formation, licensing and permitting.
  • For those who want a more hands-on role in managing their legal needs, we offer workshops & individualized seminars to business owners and startups that explains everything from the best options for them to get up & running, to how to spot when it’s time to involve a lawyer and where they can get legal advice and representation for free or at low-cost.
  • When the time comes for dissolving, divesting & selling, or acquiring another business, our clients know they can trust us.
  • We look out for their interests in their day-to-day operations through general counsel services, either via the administration of a legal spend budget as part of their annual operating expenses or a negotiated flat fee monthly retainer.
  • LFH ESQ provides representation to individual owners and investors when a dispute arises within the business entity, as well as on behalf of an individual or business entity facing litigation or government inquiries.

An Expanded Network

With stints at major international law firms, matriculation at top schools, and lecture experience internationally, we’ve built up an expanded network of attorneys practicing throughout the world. Through collaborations, affiliations and of counsel relationships within this network, we are able to serve clients throughout the United States and overseas.

An Innovative Team: The ACCELERATE Fellowship Program

Our go-to team is comprised exclusively of those admitted into LFH ESQ’s ACCELERATE Fellowship Program, a program designed to BUILD :: INNOVATE :: ACCELERATE the legal profession by investing in new and returning attorneys. If you are interested in becoming an LFH ESQ Fellow, click here to start the process.

Our most recent graduate of the Accelerate Fellowship Program is
Lauren Boswell, Attorney in the Global Markets Group of  Societe General.

Other Past Members of LFH ESQ Accelerate  and the pilot program.

Liselle Hamilton, Esq.

Autumn Agans, Esq.

Julia Belagorudsky, Esq.

Kyle Lanning, Esq.